Animation Workshops for Kids of All Ages

Thanks to the Ontario Arts CouncilSteev Morgan is pleased to announce a  program for young people from grades 6 to 12 who are interested in making animations.

Steev by Catherine OrfaldAs a visiting artist I can come to your school and introduce the students to the history and techniques of animation. There will be lots of hands-on experience, and students will create several animation exercises before working together on a larger stop-motion project.

Stop-motion is the animation method used in such great films as Nick Park’s “Wallace and Grommit” series and Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride”. The technique combines many different media, so people who are interested in things as diverse as painting, sculpture, writing, cartooning, mechanics or costume design can find a part to play. Participants can also learn about cameras, computer applications, teamwork, and the business aspects of animation.

Students wishing to continue in the fields of media, film or game design will have a great opportunity build their portfolios. The workshop is based on common materials and equipment, so skills learned can be used at home too.

Steev Morgan graduated from the “Integrated Media” department of the Ontario College of Art and Design, where he later worked as a technician and teacher in the Film, Animation, and New Media departments. He has been doing animation workshops with kids since he was a student himself.

Thanks to the Ontario Arts CouncilThis program is made possible by a grant from Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education and Arts Education Projects.